How to fix NTOSKRNL.exe Blue Screen of Death issue

Blue Screen of Death or BSOD happens suddenly and simply puts a full stop to whatever you are doing on a computer. When you get the NTOSKRNL.exe BSOD error, it just shows a cryptic error, and then it reboots on its own. Sometimes, this error just keeps on coming repeatedly. Follow the steps shown in this video to fix this issue on your computer.

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  1. Jay Pratap 6 months ago

    I not get option repair your computer..

  2. Joe Gibson 6 months ago

    Useless. My graphics card driver is updated and I would have gotten the alert telling me that there is a new update for it. So try again Linguine for brains

  3. Andi Löwe 6 months ago

    Nicht gerade hilfreich, wenn mit einem deutschen Titel geworben wird und das Video in Englisch ist.

  4. Salma Jm 6 months ago

    watching this video is useless

  5. mocroboy411 6 months ago

    +howtosupport can you do 0xc0000221 missing file

  6. Epic Cabbage 6 months ago

    Why did so many people thumbs down? I didn't try this in safe mode, but this is the correct solution….

  7. FOS SEVEN 6 months ago

    блять далбаеб ебаный сука . помог блять тварь ебаная

  8. Mike Van Der Vegt 6 months ago

    lets hope it was just the video driver.. O.o

  9. Aaron chen 6 months ago

    How about windows system32 ntoskrnl.exe error in windows 10

  10. faysal bezza 6 months ago

    are serious ? 😀

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