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Halong bay Tours in Vietnam

is a premium cruise and tour booking service offered by Danco Vietnam Travel. Here on our website you can find listings of the best selected cruises of Halong Bay, one of the UNESCO World’s Natural Heritage. Halong Bay Tours is committed to bringing you an unparalleled booking experience, which is not only easy and convenient, but our fully qualified staff will answer just any question you may have about the Bay as well. Our price offers you the best value you can find for your trip and your complete satisfaction is our ultimate goal. We want to inspire you with both the beauty of Halong Bay and also with our hospitality which will make you feel welcomed from the very first moment.

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  1. Professional Product Canvass 6 months ago

    OMG.. that's almost no different with phuket. did you buy tour at the hotel? I want to visit vietnam next time

  2. nguyen anh 6 months ago


  3. Camilo Ortiz 6 months ago

    I notice you eat only vegan foods, and you focus mostly on environmental issues, are you some kind of activists? No offense but I believe you're more concerned about pollution or that sort of things than enjoying your stay. I live in the US and see this everyday. Like you I wish that the whole world would live cleanly and responsibly like in Switzerland don't you agree?

  4. Pedro Alfonso 6 months ago

    Very good guys. Well filmed with a pleasant soundtrack and informative narration. Too bad about the garbage in the bay. Hope it gets cleaned up soon.

  5. Rapido McCash 6 months ago

    I wasn't born in Vietnam but I do love my family there I want to visit Vietnam is it beautiful? And is the water hot or cold? If it's hot totally going there

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