Ariana Grande – Dangerous Woman Tour: The Movie (Unofficial)

Du Lịch

This movie is a fanmade project created by/for us Arianators.
Please read everything below.

More than two performances were used while editing this movie — Ariana did not lip sync.

Ariana Grande, a dangerous woman, steps out onto the stage of her second world tour to present her fans the next step in her career. From the heart-wrenching beats of ‘Leave Me Lonely’ and ‘Moonlight’ to the ecstatic bops of ‘Bad Decisions’ and ‘Everyday’, the singer has brought it all, and can now be viewed from the comfort of your couch. Fans who have attended what they recall as ‘the best night of their life’ share their experiences, as quotes from others are retold during some of their favorite songs. Follow her and her crew as they ready themselves for tour, and how it all began for her — her passion for music.

‘When you look into the audiences of my shows, you see a beautiful, diverse, pure, happy crowd. Thousands of people, incredibly different, all there for the same reason, music.’

After months of constant work, it is finally done! I am so extensively proud of the work that I have been able to complete for you all, and I hope you’ll be able to enjoy watching this as much as I had fun editing it. There are some glitches and typos, but please do not let that take away from the experience — this is the very first time I’ve tried something like this, and I hope that I will improve over time.

If you see your video in this project, please link yourself in the comments! I am currently gathering every link that I have found and used and giving credit soon.

No copyright infringements intended. Completed October 1st, 2017.


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25 thoughts on “Ariana Grande – Dangerous Woman Tour: The Movie (Unofficial)

  1. Hi 👋🏼 I wanted to truly say thank you for watching and enjoying this project. I’m so genuine glad that you all love it and have expressed it so fast. This is why I love being an arianator, and sharing the things I create so we can grow such a larger bond with each other. I started this all the way back in July, and with the help of some dwt experience videos and quotes, I was able to put together one of the very first huge video edits I’ve ever done. Please do not mind the few glitches / typos, as I am trying my best to grow and learn, but other than that, please enjoy. I am so happy. Thank youuuu. 💕✨
    – Jacob

    Timestamps – Just the main ones needed
    2:01 – Be Alright
    7:03 – Everyday
    10:14 – Bad Decisions
    14:52 – Let Me Love You
    18:47 – Baby Loves interlude
    22:07 – Knew Better
    25:03 – Forever Boy
    27:35 – MANCHESTER
    28:54 – One Last Time
    32:21 – Touch It
    37:02 – Leave Me Lonely
    40:54 – band enter stage
    43:24 – Female interlude
    44:18 – Side To Side
    48:13 – Bang Bang
    51:23 – Greedy
    54:52 – Transition
    55:01 – Focus
    56:51 – I Don't Care
    59:41 – Band Interlude
    1:00:20 – Moonlight
    1:03:51 – Love Me Harder
    1:06:32 – Brian And Scott Bday
    1:08:30 – Break Free
    1:12:55 – Ariana and the Crowd
    1:14:02 – Sometimes
    1:17:53 – Ariana NYC
    1:18:52 – Thinkin bout you
    1:28:51 – Talking bout Frank Ocean
    1:28:59 – Pink + White
    1:32:21 – Quit
    1:37:58 – Problem
    1:40:44 – Into You
    1:46:05 – Dangerous Woman
    1:50:08 – Credits

  3. that’s an unofficial dangerous woman tour movie but it shows u the show from different angles

  4. She is so amazing , her voice is so sweet and she is the kindest person in the world she loves all her fans and she loves singing that's why everyone loves her

  5. I wish I went to the DW Tour, that looked amazing as hell. I did see her during the SWT so thats something

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