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600 Subscribers![RBLX] Nha Trang Cam Ranh International Airport Tour|RoAviation Industries Episode 7

This time we are doing a special airport tour for you guys for what is the legendary update is going on, the new airport is filling in nicely with a new lounge, and shops. If you really need a shop to be added to the airport or any ideas you want to add to the airport. Comment down below for what do you want for the airport to have because we still need your ideas to add it in to make this airport even better😄

Don’t worry Domestic Terminal will be done soon, thanks to AviaEmirates for this amazing design that we can do different operations without needing a lot of work to swap sides.

#AirportTour #RoAviationIndustries #TomGD1K

Thank you so much for 600 subscribers on YouTube it’s really helped me a lot when producing great content for all the viewers and providing support for RoAviation and Geometry Dash.

The contest is now on at my discord server so you may want to check it out
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Song: Gizmo by Syn Cole (NCS Release)

Let’s hit 1000 subscribers by Australia Winter 2020
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  1. Cyan _Studio 5 months ago

    Game name?

  2. Olaf Chessee 5 months ago

    Shops coming soon! Dont worry!

  3. Đăng Bảo 5 months ago

    Wow nice!!!

  4. Mr.Unknown 5 months ago


  5. badcasimo 3089 5 months ago

    Nice airport, your grammar needs to improve tho

  6. dendivel b 5 months ago

    Congrats dude xD

  7. E Tn 5 months ago

    Beautiful airport. C_Tn aka Tn

  8. Unicom 5 months ago

    Congrats on 600 subs!

  9. MrHenry 5 months ago

    Yay 😮 600 Subscriber

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